Off-road riding lessons for beginner to intermediate riders. Learn bike set-up, jumping, cornering, wheelies, endos and much more.

Why every rider needs lessons/coaching

Riding a dirt bike can be a lot of fun, but it can be very dangerous too. Because motorcycles have two wheels, everyone who knows how to ride a bike, thinks they know how to ride a motorcycle. This is simply not true. Safe off-road riding takes skills and learning those skills can make riding more fun and more importantly, it could save your life. Most off-road accidents occur because the rider did not know the basic skills of riding. The AMA states that over 90% of all off-road accidents could be prevented through proper training and good common sense. At MidsouthMotoX, we teach both. Let our instructors teach you how to ride properly and safely.

At MidsouthMotoX we teach the fundamentals
of off-road riding as well
as motocross. These skills are taught
by instructors with over twenty years
of teaching experience to students of
all ages. These fundamental skills
 Bike set-up 
 Bike maintenance and safety
 Proper riding positions
 Acceleration and braking techniques
 Low and high speed cornering
 Wheelies (front and rear)
 Beginner jumping
 Advanced jumping
 Racing starts (for racers only)
 Whoops